FAKY Releases “Who We Are” MV


FAKY is a group widely known for creating music that connects with people and teaches the importance of confidence, strength and courage.

On April 11, the group returned to advocate these feelings through “Who We Are,” a pop ballad that encourages building up the confidence to love oneself despite how the world views them.

“‘Cause if I let what you think take over me / Then I wouldn’t be, / I wouldn’t be me.” These words resonate with many who struggle to find acceptance within themselves.


The video itself is entirely in black and white, with each member in unoccupied locations throughout Tokyo. The lack of people allows viewers to focus more on the members rather than the world around them.


Having the video in black and white changes the way the audience sees the women, both literally and emotionally. The lack of color highlights every emotion, from the discontent shown on Anna‘s face to Akina‘s portrayal of sadness. If the video were shot with vibrant colors, it would have lacked this level of detail.



Love the song?  Let us know. You can find “Who We Are” on FAKY’s Spotify!

(Facebook, YouTube.)


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