EXO CBX's 'Blooming Days': 'Sweet Dreams!'

Welcome back! Continuing our lovely “Blooming Days” love story, on a Wednesday we’re whisked off to the ’80s, a decade defined by its many young adult angst and romance films. “Sweet Dreams” fits right in with its synth-heavy dance instrumental oozing all the anticipation of a first date.

“At night when everyone’s asleep, I’m busy alone in front of the mirror. The clothes I picked out yesterday, and the shoes I never wear, I get them all ready,” CHEN croons in the first verse, detailing the meticulous outfit planning one might go through the night before. But even after everything is set, they lay awake, unable to sleep from nerves. However, although our protagonist can’t sleep, they hope their date “[has] good dreams since [they’re] not dreaming.”
Thursday is the fateful day. What does it have in store?
(YouTube[1][2], ColorCodedLyrics.)

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