EXO CBX's 'Blooming Days': 'Thursday'

On to the next chapter! So far, EXO CBX showed off their funky sides with “Blooming Day” and “Sweet Dreams!” and coaxed us out of a sleepy fog with “Monday Blues.” Now, get ready for a slower, sexier vibe.

“Thursday” is the sultry R&B ballad of the mini album. Each member shows off their unique vocal color and range, their voices layered over a simple line of percussion, synth and chimes. The song is almost hypnotizing in its delivery, mirroring the enthralled lyrics of the protagonist.
“I lean towards you. But I keep losing my balance. My feelings I’ve held back that I’d controlled well overflow just like this, oh” CHEN almost swoons. Baekhyun’s lines are even more provocative: “My feelings that are well past noon are approaching midnight. The story will be starting tonight, yeah. You’ll be mine.”
Is it getting hot in here? Will we reach a peak with “Vroom Vroom?”
(Youtube [1][2], ColorCodedLyrics.)

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