Have You Seen: BTS—Burn The Stage

On March 28, 2018, BigHit Entertainment in collaboration with YouTube Red released “BTS: Burn The Stage.” Eight episodes were released weekly and chronicled the behind the scenes struggles of BTS‘ “Wings Tour.”

The mini-series allowed ARMYs into the dynamics of the relationship the seven young men have, including times of conflict. It was an extremely vulnerable place the group allowed ARMYs to witness.
It was refreshing to see all the members expose their insecurities. It showed their humanity and showed that, just as the fandom has faults and insecurities that cause them stress, BTS does as well. Some of these include Jimin‘s aim for perfection and avoidance of disappointing everyone because of seemingly glaring personal failures. Jin revealed that his perky and joking personality hides a more somber side that he does not show everyone. He also revealed his own performance insecurities. V bared his emotions, as well as how he protects himself from outside negativity.  Viewers also witnessed a determination to deliver, as seen when Jungkook faints during the Chile leg of the tour.
The series emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between BTS and ARMY. Just as BTS provides strength, confidence and encouragement to ARMYs, the group also receives that in return in abundance.
In preparation for the release of “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear,” out Friday, May 18, take a look at the eight-episode series.
(YouTube, YouTube Red.)

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