8 Reasons to Watch "Hello, My Twenties" Season 2

The ladies of Belle Epoque are back! Our favorite housemates have returned for a second season, and the drama has returned with them. Here are eight reasons to tune in and see what they have been up to.

01 New Characters

The five main characters have returned for season 2. They will be joined by several new faces, including their new housemate, Jo-Eun (Choi Ah-ra), landlord Seo Jang-hoon (Kim Min-seok), and Lee Jin-kwang (Ahn Woo-yeon), a struggling pop star. The members of A.C.E and PENTAGON make cameo appearances as well!

02 New Drama

Season two dives right into the drama. The arrival of a new housemate leads to the troubling discovery. A letter addressed to the roommates full of threats and curses.

03 New Romance

The ladies of Belle Epoque are facing the fall out of several difficult break-ups, but romance is still in the air. Ji-won (Park Eun-bin) has not fared as well as her housemates in the dating department. Perhaps things are going to change?

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04 Old Friends

Ryu Hwa-young makes a cameo appearance as Kang Yi-na. Shin Hyun-soo returns as Yoon Jong-yeol. Song Seung-won also returns as Im Sung-min, a friend of Ji-won’s.

05 New Danger

The angry letter the ladies receive at the beginning of the series is not full of empty threats. The housemates find themselves facing an individual with a mysterious grudge and malicious intent.

06 Fantastic Humor

Dangers aside, Belle Epoque is still full of laughter. Shenanigans and tomfoolery  reign supreme in season two. The housemates may be more mature, but that does not stop them from landing in heaps of trouble.

07 New Surprises

The second season brings twice as many shocks and surprises as the first. Though the drama starts off a bit slow, it builds and leaves the audience guessing. Who wrote the threatening letter? Will the budding romance last? Can the housemates truly get along?
Hello my 20s s25

08 New Season?

Fans of the show are already clamoring for a third season renewal. Though nothing has been confirmed, we can hope that the success of the first and second seasons will warrant another peek into the lives of our favorite 20-somethings.
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