Jay Park Murks the Beat on Sway's Universe

Far be it from me to doubt Jay Park‘s prowess as an artist. But truth be told I was never truly convinced of his role as a rapper. I’m already prepared for the backlash a statement like that could incite, but I stand by what I said. Jay Park has never impressed me as as rapper. His releases were always lackluster if not a bit cliché.
Needless to say I was a bit surprised when I saw him go absolutely bananas on a DJ Premier beat for radio host and VJ Sway Calloway‘s radio show “Sway’s Universe.”
On May 23, Park visited the show to premier his latest single with rapper 2Chainz called “Soju.” As is tradition whenever anyone comes on Sway’s show, he dropped a freestyle over a beat to show that he’s absolutely the real deal. I gotta say, yes … JP is the real deal.

To be honest, I’m glad I saw something like this. I’d always really wanted to love Jay Park’s music, always wanted to find whatever it was that made people love the music he makes. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him as a businessman and an artist. Having known about him since his b-boy days, every time he reaches a milestone I’m just proud of him in the way an older sister would be for her brother. His ear for new artists and his desire to introduce the world to talent they might have missed is not only commendable, it’s astonishing. But … his music though…?
Seeing him completely and utterly destroy that DJ Premiere cut not only left me stunned and speechless. It left me excited, elated even.
Let me tell you something. If you’re still on the fence about JP, not quite sure if he’s the one for you, take 30 minutes out of your life to watch his appearance on Sway’s show and listen to what he represents, how he carries himself and how when given the opportunity he will completely blow your mind.
(Sway’s Universe, YouTube.)

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  1. Jay park says cute shit when he raps. I find myself laughing all the time. But most of the songs that get replay value are his vocal tracks. But either way, he delivered on Sway in the Morning

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