Mad Clown and Ailee Team Up for “갈증 (Thirst)”

Cover photo for Mad Clown X Ailee "Thirst"

Mad Clown and Ailee have teamed up for an upbeat ’90s-influenced summer track, “갈증 (Thirst).” The music video was released on April 12, 2018. While the music video does not feature the singer and rapper, it’s still worth the watch thanks to its adorable storyline. The music video features Ji Hansol (UNB, New Kidd), Ahn Yujin, Woochul (New Kidd) and Kang Minhee as the main characters.
The video follows four students — three boys and one girl — who are all friends. Together, they showcase their friendship as they hang out and mess around on campus. If you were expecting the story to take a romantic turn and become a love-square, you won’t find it here. This music video is all about their friendship dynamic and shows that boys and girls can be friends without having any romantic feelings. As the main leads of the music video are all rookie idols or trainees, they also take the opportunity to show their dancing talent as well. Let’s not forget the abundance of Gatorade product placement.

In regards to the actual song, Mad Clown and Ailee highly compliment each other. There is a smooth vibe between rapper and singer. The ’90s beat and sound does not overpower their vocals but rather emphasizes the summer feel. This is the first time fans can see Ailee and Mad Clown collaborate with each other. They song surely does not disappoint. Hopefully, there will be more opportunities to see Ailee and Mad Clown collaborate with each other in the future.

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