Andre 3000 Pulls on Heartstrings With 'Me&My'

When I heard that Andre 3000, one of my all-time favorite artists, had released two songs on SoundCloud in late May, I was seriously geeked up. Y’all, 3Stacks was back! When I saw the name and its associated image, however, I couldn’t immediately press play. In fact, it took me about a week. Let’s just say that the title of this article does zero justice to the amount of nostalgic pain this song can and will be for many people.
As the resident ol’ musically induced, tearing-up-even-when-it-ain’t-that-deep weeping Wanda of “MACG Magazine” (I am not a fan of this behavior, by the way) I believe that this song surfaced at an interesting time in my life. You see, my late Mama passed away eight years ago this coming July. The mundane things from my upbringing have been on my mind often for the past few weeks. And then boom! Andre 3000 comes and shares his story. A beloved storyteller in the hip-hop world resurfaced to openly reminisce about rides to the grocery store and jokes that only parents would tell.

I was basically slap boxing with the play button the entire length of the song. If you’ve ever watched a video reaction on YouTube, what with the flailing and panicked pausing to emotionally regroup, #ItMe.
You will need a tissue or two while listening to this piece of art. If you have a relationship with your parent(s) or parental figures, hug them and tell them that you love them while they are still alive. Some no longer have that option. I can still hear my Mama’s voice and laugh within mine. She’d love Andre’s tribute.
(DAR, Good Times Wiki, SoundCloud.)

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