K-pop Katch-up: Pentagon — 'Shine'

As the tagline for this series states, the world of K-pop moves pretty fast. It feels like it was just yesterday when I got into this lifestyle — and trust me, K-pop is definitely a lifestyle, just look at my twitter feed each day — and found myself under the thrall of a handful of new (to me) bands. Some were old hands (SHINee, BIGBANG), others were teenagers (EXO, BTS) or toddlers (MONSTA X), but it was five months into this landscape when I got my first baby group. Pentagon officially debuted fall of 2016 with “Gorilla,” and while not thoroughly sold, I was definitely intrigued.

It’s been nearly two months since its official release (April 2, 2018) and now, after having finally taken the time to sit down and listen, I am almost angry at myself for taking so long to do so. Why?

Because “Shine” is three minutes and twenty-two seconds of sheer delight.

It takes a subject matter — pining for the girl — that is often displayed as dark and heart-wrenching and turns it into a light and airy fun bop that had me grinning the entire time.

The song is penned by members E’Dawn, Hui, Yuto and Wooseok, with the former two members also having a hand in composing. I will say it’s incredibly refreshing to see lyrics that, for the most part, circumvent that “why don’t you love me?” tone that’s often seen with this particular subject. Instead we get lines like, “In front of love, I’m a loser” and “Listen to my heart, but I get so nervous in front of you.”

The music video is a major attribution to the lightness of the song. Filled with bright colors and open shots, the young men of Pentagon are seen writing confession after confession, yet none are good enough nor the members brave enough, to hand them over to their love. Even when Hui manages to hit send on a confession email, it’s with instant regret.

I keep using the words “delightful” and “fun,” but again, it’s the perfect descriptor for the entire song and video. It works for the choreography as well; it’s full of hammer dances and wavy arms and large, full-bodied movements that instantly make you want to get up and imitate them.

I’m not the only one who was late on this tune. Almost a month after its release, the members of Pentagon were woken up by a very excited Kino — the group had entered Melon’s Real TimeTop 100 for the very first time since debut. With one goal down, it will be exciting to see what Pentagon will achieve in the future!


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Life moves fast. K-pop moves faster. K-pop Katch-up is a weekly feature that offers a second chance on that one music video that got away!

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