Bang Bang! DAY6 Announce Upcoming Release of Album 'SHOOT ME'

That’s right, folks. Our beloved boys of DAY6 are coming back with a new project, and just as with their last genius promotional effort (a year-long release of new material), they’re doing it with a bang.
Released on their official Twitter account, the announcement came in the form of a shooting target straight from the range and riddled with holes. Each gunshot represents another aspect of the comeback they’re going to unleash in the month of June, starting Monday, June 11.

They’ll begin with an official announcement of their actually promotional schedule. From then on, it’s visual after visual until the ultimate revelation of their first body of works since last year’s monumental effort, dual releases “Sunrise” and “Moonrise.” “SHOOT ME: Youth Part 1” (and a subsequent lead single) is set for release on June 26 at 6 PM KST, while their comeback stage will take place at 8 PM KST.
Are you ready, My Days?

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