J-Hope, RM and Suga Drop Savage Track 'Ddaeng'

Can we just talk about this for a minute?

The BTS rap line just released the track “Ddaeng” for 2018 BTS Festa, further proving that they have zero chill. This diss track is equal parts fun and fire. Melodic instrumentals mix with a heavy beat to create the perfect platform for RM, J-Hope and Suga to educate the skeptics.
BTS’s rise to fame did not happen over night. They struggled, put in years of hard work and managed to overcome those who put them down. “Ddaeng” is a cheeky jab at anyone who wants to doubt the talent of rappers. Billboard’s breakdown of the song combs over the intentional double meanings in the lyrics. Though the lyrics themselves are open to interpretation, the point of the song seems clear.
BTS is not here to play games.
(Facebook, SoundCloud.)

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