[GIVEAWAY] Get Ready for KCON With Inspire Me Korea and Kpop Seoul Shop

Summer is the time to shine for American Hallyu Wave fans at KCON.

The days are winding down for KCON18NY and KCON18LA is just around the corner. While you’re counting down, enter the giveaways below! Full details are available on Instagram.
Good luck to all who participate!

#GetInspiredforKCON with Inspire Me Korea

Inspire Me Korea TASTER Box
Get a taste of South Korea without getting on a plane with our TASTER Box!

MACG Productions and the Korean Culture Subscription Box Inspire Me Korea have teamed up to bring you an exciting contest. A lucky New York and Los Angeles attendee will each receive a TASTER Box, Inspire Me Korea’s best seller! (That’s 1 winner per location, everyone. No cheating!) CONTEST ENDS ON JUNE 22, 2018 6:00 p.m. CST. ENTER NOW!


Get Ready for Convention with Kpop Seoul Shop

Kpop Seoul Shop "Adulting in the Hallyu Wave" tee
Exclusive MACG Gear design, only at Kpop Seoul Shop!

Our exclusive MACG Gear designs are sure to start conversations. MACG Productions and Kpop Seoul Shop have teamed up to giveaway 1 New York and 1 Los Angeles attendee merchandise packages valued at up to $95.00! CONTEST ENDS ON JUNE 15, 2018 11:59 p.m. CST. ENTER NOW!
Source: [KCON USA Facebook, Inspire Me Korea, Kpop Seoul Shop]

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