'Bride of The Water God': First Impression

Tired of the summer heat? This is the drama for you. Dive right into magic and secrets with Nam Joo-hyuk and Shin Se-kyung in “Bride of The Water God.”

“Bride of the Water God” is the perfect mix of humor, action, mystery and heart. Nam Joo-hyuk (“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”) stars as Habaek (The Water God), a powerful being who finds himself on earth in search of his bride. His journey takes him directly into the path of So-ah, portrayed by Shin Se-Kyung (“Six Flying Dragons”). So-ah is a psychiatrist with the worst luck. Her fate suddenly changes, though it may not be for the better. Her life becomes entangled with Habaek and he claims that she is destined to be his wife.
He wants her to serve him on his quest to find magical stones that will grant him the power to assume the throne of heaven. She assumes he is out of his mind.  As if having a slightly dense, incredibly powerful water god with a flair for the dramatic on the loose wasn’t problematic enough, three rival demigods step into the picture with the intention of finding the magical stones first.
Naturally, chaos ensues.
Krystal Jung (“Heirs,” f(x)) plays the role of Moo-ra, a water goddess with a grudge against So-ah. Bi Ryeom (Gong Myung, “Drinking Solo) also joins as a wind god with feelings for Moo-ra. Habaek’s most dangerous rival comes in the form of Hoo-ye (Im Ju-hwan), a rich and powerful man with eyes for So-ah. If he wants to win her heart, however, he’ll have to get through Habaek first.
The 2017 drama put a fantastic spin on the tale of gods and mortals, merging the beauty of a period drama with the excitement of a modern setting. You can find “Bride of The Water God” on DramaFever and watch the story unfold for yourself.

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