Do You Feel the Same?: WANNA ONE's 'Light'

Okay, I’m not going to lie, I haven’t kept up with Wanna One. Despite appearing on my Tumblr feed every other day and showing up in my YouTube recommended videos, the last song I listened to and got down with was “Energetic.” Not to say other title tracks weren’t good. They just weren’t my speed.
“Light” is different. It has my undivided attention.
Even now, I’m not sure what “Light” possesses that the other post-“Energetic” title tracks didn’t. Or rather what do “Light” and “Energetic” have in common? Whatever it may be, this song has me hooked. The music production is light and sophisticated, fun yet grownup. The subject matter also has aged up with the boys, though it’s only been a year.

The first verse starts off, “When your lips are close, I feel my heart about to stop.”  “Somehow when I saw you today, the feeling was more thrill than familiarity.” The chorus continues this more mature sentiment with, “Do you feel the same? Now push, light up my button … Please be the light to make me brighter.”  The lyrics hint at a crush or a romantic relationship which brings them so much joy, the best way to describe it is a bright light.
If I said the visuals didn’t strike me where I stood, I’d be lying. This video is gorgeous; not just the boys, but the cinematography is absolutely stunning. Each member has solo scenes, set up in their own little corner, whether it be in the sky, in space or in an underground cavern of some sort. The choreography is both powerful and alluring, which completes the more mature sound.
What did you think of “Light”?

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