#TBT: Dynamic Duo, DJ Premier's 'AEAO'

On July 15, 2014, Dynamic Duo dropped “AEAO,” their collaboration with legendary American producer DJ Premier. The veteran K-hiphop duo’s release peaked at number 11 on South Korea’s Gaon Music chart, with 338,273 units in cumulative sales.

If old-school beats are your speed, look no further. Duo members Choiza and Gaeko excel as their rapping and vocals dominate the simple and nostalgic production. The highlight is definitely the trumpet sample, which adds to the old-school feel, along with the female vocal harmony samples scattered throughout. The lyrics discuss the hardships of working hard in the industry. But no matter what they couldn’t imagine doing anything else. 
The video has a simple setup, matching the song. DJ Premier works turntables in a room full of opaque white mannequins, while Choiza, Gaeko and solo dancers weave in and out of them. Overall, a very clean and classy video.
What’s your favorite Dynamic Duo throwback?

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