BTOB Returns With 'Only One For Me'

On June 18, the boys of BTOB made their return with a pop ballad that is not only beautiful in lyrics, but also visually.

Cowritten by the group’s very own Hyunsik, the lyrics focus on a person admitting their love for someone and proving that they are in the relationship for the long haul. Their smooth vocals are what make the ballad that much more sentimental, and the mixing of Minhyuk, Peniel and Ilhoon‘s raps tie the whole song together.
The music video depicts the members out on the water having the time of their lives. It starts off with them entering a room with solemn expressions and dressed as if they had just returned from a formal event.  They then move to the top of a floating island.
Watching the members transition from one point to another was also well done. In the day leading into the afternoon they are still wearing their suits, but as night rolls in they change into casual wear and are partying on a moving vehicle.
Overall, the music video is pleasantly simple and does not take away from the meaning of the track. Once again, BTOB has proven why they are masters of contemporary concepts.

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