Queen T Releases the Tracklist for 'GEMINI 2'

As if 2018 couldn’t get even more epic for Korean music fans ….
Back in late January 2017, the godfather of Korean hip-hop (and Tasha‘s husband), Tiger JK, hinted that Queen T would be releasing the follow-up to her legendary “GEMINI.” For those who know anything about JK, he has a tendency to let loose with spoilers (whether during late-night livestreams of activity in their home studio in Uijeongbu, or tipsy Twitter rants). So when he happened to let the news slip, most fans took him at his word … though there weren’t details about the prophesied release.
Finally, Tasha took matters into her own hands. She, along with members of the Feel Ghood Family, has been hinting at a release date for the long-anticipated sequel since May 30, 2018, when she posted a list of all the great ones who just so happened to be — wait for it — Geminis.

Then, blessed be, on July 2 at approximately 3:30 PM KST, she dropped an image teaser and tracklist.

Queen T has blessed us with physical evidence that this follow-up to arguably one of the greatest hip-hop albums to come out of Korea actually exists. Set to drop on July 5, everybody better prepare their wigs and their loins for one of the most highly anticipated comebacks of the last 15 years!
(Featured image created via Canva, MNET, Instagram [1][2].)

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