NANO and Yezi's 'Maladjustment'

On June 22, 2018, Kim Jaeho formerly of HISTORY, now professionally known as NANO returns with the summer ready, R&B-inspired single “Maladjustment.”

The track incorporates a sweet piano melody that plays under NANO and former FIESTAR member Yezi’s singing and rapping, making it a solid summer release.
“Maladjustment” is far from an everyday vocabulary word. Broken down, it literally means “poor, faulty, or inadequate adjustment,” and though it can apply to a wide range of topics, it generally refers to an individual’s failure to meet social or cultural expectations.
The music video takes place in a Tumblr-aesthetic bathroom. It’s also shot as a home movie on a camcorder, capturing NANO and Yezi’s exchange.
How do you feel about “Maladjustment”?
(YouTube,, Merriam-Webster.)

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