Crush Reveals Teaser Images for New EP

After hinting at a new album back in March, R&B maven Crush has finally released teaser images and a date for his latest EP.
Titled “wonderlost,” no doubt a play on 2016’s jazz-infused album “wonderlust,” the EP is set for release on July 13 at 6 PM KST. There aren’t many details about the EP itself. However, if this album is anything like its predecessor, most likely we’re going to get more of that jazz foundation he’s been showcasing since its release. Interviews suggest that he’s going to be infusing much of his love for the traditional with his fondness for modern-day R&B. With his aural aesthetic leaning toward R&B and soul with a sharper edge and nuance, fans can also expect a great deal of experimentation along the lines of “Interlude.”

It’s clear from the images, this is a new side of Crush. Hair, brows and lashes highlighted in a neon aquamarine, perhaps he’s going to push his music even further and give listeners a sound unlike anything they’ve heard from him before. A glimpse, maybe, into the future of Korean R&B and beyond.
All this, of course, is speculation. We’ll have to wait until July 13 to know for sure what Crush has in store for us.
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