Yoon Mirae's 'You & Me'

We love the return of a queen! Natasha Reid, better known by her Korean name, Yoon Mirae,is back with new album “Gemini 2.” The hip-hop icon delivers an easygoing, feel-good track with “You & Me.”

Finding people who click with your spirit is extremely important. Whether those people are right next to you or online, finding others that put you at ease is the best feeling. Sometimes you become more than friends, and defining this uncharted relationship can be scary. “You & Me” explores this connection. Going back and forth in the lyrics, between “That’s just my friend” and “We’re not friends, we’re more than friends” acknowledges the emotional roller coaster close relationships involve.
The music video also gives a sense of chosen family, with many of Yoon Mirae’s friends featured. They’re laughing, dancing and enjoying the song and each other’s company and uniqueness.
What do you think of the new release? Have you checked out “Gemini 2”?

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