DPR Live's 'Comin' to You Live' to a City Near You

On July 23, DPR Live announced via his Instagram that he’d be “Coming To You Live” with a new world tour.
Since his first US appearance at 2018’s SXSW, demand has been high for the hip-hop artist to expand his live sets to include more dates. Well, fans of DPR Live all over the world will get a chance to see him (and his shadow and Dream Perfect Regime brother, founder Christian Yu) up-close-and-personal starting in August.
North American tour stops include Vancouver, Atlanta, LA and Chicago. Asia-Pacific dates include Sydney, Jakarta and Taipei. Blessed be, European fans, DPR Live hasn’t forgotten you! Stops on the oft-neglected continent include Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. If you don’t see your city or someplace nearby on the list, don’t fret. This is just the first wave. The announcement comes with the caveat that there are more tour announcements planned.
Be sure to get your wallets and bank accounts ready. NA tickets go on sale starting August 1 at 1 PM EST; European tickets go on sale starting on August 15 at 1 PM GMT; and Asia-Pacific tickets go on sale starting August 30 at 1 PM KST.
(Images by Cy via HipHopKR, DPR WebsiteInstagram.)

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