Cosplayer Spotlight: Surely Shirley

This Latinx cosplayer is ready to spread love and positivity all over the world. Meet Surely Shirley, a young woman who enjoys dressing up as characters such as Tsuyu Asui¬†from “My Hero Academia” and the X-Men‘s weather manipulating mutant Storm.

She started her cosplay journey seven years ago when she was convinced by friends to cosplay as the warrior princess herself, Xena. Using the sewing skills she learned as a child and with extensive research, Shirley was able to bring to life one of the most iconic women in pop culture. She has since then honed her skills and worked with various materials such as the thermoplastic worbla, foam and fabrics.
Photo Taken By: David Love Photography

After receiving positive feedback from many, Shirley decided to turn a one-time thing into a full-time hobby. Fast forward seven years later, and the list of cosplays that Shirley has done has grown immensely. From cosplaying as Krang from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the Marvel character Silk, Shirley has shown her talents by perfectly portraying her favorite characters.
Photo Taken By: David Love Photography

Shirley has used her platform in order to spread positivity for plus-size cosplayers and people of color. Her goal is to be an encouraging voice in the cosplay world for those who want to build their confidence, no matter their size, race, gender or belief. Surely Shirley is definitely a cosplayer to watch for her amazing costumes and overall supportive role in the cosplay community.
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