Enter the Visually Stunning, Sonically Average 'Retro Future'

Cube Entertainment‘s Triple H  is back for the summer. Comprised of Hyuna and Pentagon members E’Dawn and Hui, the provocative coed trio made a splash in 2017 with their first single “365 FRESH” off of the EP “199X.” Now they return with their new song “Retro Future.”

The song aims for a throwback sound. The problem is it’s not clear which era the group is throwing back to.  The synth-heavy instrumentation and vocal filters bring to mind ’80s pop classics while the intro features a DJ Casper “Cha Cha Slide” sample. Once the beat is established, there is virtually no change outside of the bridge. It lacks vibrancy.
The video, however, is anything but boring. The mischievous trio enters a couple’s house and runs amok, roping the couple into their antics, including an orgy-like gathering. All of this takes place amidst strobing lights and distorted camera angles, adding to the ’80s club vibe the beat tried to establish.
What did you think of Triple H’s release?

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