Minseo — 'Zero' MV Review

On July 23, Minseo graced the K-Pop world once again with her newest comeback, presenting her music video for “Zero.” It’s clear she’s going for a different image this time around and wishes to use very contrasting concepts throughout her career. With a drastic change from her debut, Minseo portrays a fantasy world from a video game. The lyrics surround the idea of searching for yourself in a fantasy world. You are able to see the new world only once you’ve found your true self within the zero condition. 

It is quite an interesting concept, and the song just screams OST or anime to me. It could easily become the theme song for a video game anime or a futuristic K-drama.
In the video, Minseo is singing into the void and bringing two characters to life. One in Yanagawa, Japan, and the other in Busan, Korea. The world around them has stopped, and they have to save it within thirty minutes. My guess is that the two are connected through the video game and are trying to figure out the ending together. Both of them do some intense parkour that could easily kill them in real life. But of course, since it’s a video game, they’re safe. Eventually they are shown together in the same place, but neither seems to know the other person is in the room. I’m assuming that’s because it’s a video game, and they’re figuring it out individually.
If you have any ideas of what the meaning behind all of this is, let us know in the comments below! I’m extremely interested in what you think. All of this is just a theory and what I gather from the video and lyrics, so I could be completely wrong with this one.

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