#TBT: Junoflo — 'Real Ones'

Los Angeles’s own Sam Juno Park (Junflo) has been busy, making appearances on his labelmate Yoon Mirae‘s latest project. The extra exposure certainly warrants a look into his own work, such as the spring release of the “Real Ones” video.

On March 13, 2018, Juno dropped the audio for the smooth yet hard-hitting track, produced by himself and Rise. The music video was released in May, drawing positive support and, because of the vibe of the chorus, a lot of comparisons to fellow artists DPR Live and Drake. With a rich SoundCloud history of testing various styles and genres, the new sound in “Real Ones” is likely only a shock to those who are new to Junoflo.
All things considered, “Real Ones” is lackluster compared to what we all know he can do. Given all the work he’s done between his first EP, “Only Human” — released in March — and his most recent single, “La Familia,” hopefully this was just a blip on his road to more creativity.

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