#TBT: Lovelyz – 'Wag-zak'

Now, usually cutesy concepts aren’t my speed. And let’s not get it twisted. It has zero percent to do with the gender of the group. There are some concepts that are just too saccharine even for me, and whether girl or boy group, I’m a little too grown for all that cloying sweetness.
However, I’m all about expanding my horizons, all about looking into things that maybe I just wouldn’t have had any interest in. Thus my compulsion to check out Lovelyz and see what they’re all about. Hence my taking a look at the video for their most recent comeback, “Wag-zak.”

As far as summer MVs go, it’s nothing too out of left field. The ladies are enjoying some time on the beach, playing “kawi bawi bo,” Pop Up Pirate, hide and seek. They take part in the typical summer activities: eating watermelon, frolicking on the beach and in the water. Yeah … it’s really all about the over-the-top cuteness. Sometimes you just gotta let it happen.
Believe it or not, I found myself getting an immense amount of joy watching the women of Lovelyz enjoying this time with themselves. True, it’s practically no different from any other video. But I think that may be the point. It’s bubblegum pop at its finest, a song I probably won’t listen to again. Typical, “All I do is think about you and you’re so cute …” Smoochy-smoochy. Finger hearts galore! Yeah, not my cup of Kool-aid.
But the video in and of itself?
I adore how woman-focused it is. Now, now. Don’t go grousing about how it’s just a girl group music video that makes the same use of the cute concept that’s been riddled throughout K-pop’s history since its more contemporary inception. I get that. However, while some videos may opt to have a cute boy spoil the party, have some bit of adorable bleached-out eye candy that the girls fawn and possibly fight over, “Wag-zak” takes an approach I can get behind. This is purely a video for the ladies, showing them enjoying each others’ company without the need for a boy’s attentions. They hold hands as they run into the oncoming tide, all smiles. They do the traditional newlywed champagne sip … only with watermelon-pops. It’s cute. It’s overly sweet. But you know what? I dig it!
Perhaps it’s just a need for something refreshing after the stifling heat of the summer months. Perhaps it’s just me needing a break from a lot of ugliness in the world. Who knows? What I will say is that “Wag-zak” definitely made me happy. And in the end, isn’t that why we listen to K-pop in the first place?

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