K-pop Katch-up: CLC — 'Black Dress'

clc black dress kpop katchup august 6 2018

Even a few days in K-pop is like an eternity, so going back to February for this week’s K-pop Katch-up makes it seem like CLC’s “Black Dress” was released half a decade ago. Thankfully, this release is such a banger that any time is a good time to get into it.

Admittedly not as knowledgeable of girl groups, this song was recommended to me, and I am extremely happy to have taken it up for this series. It goes in hard right from the beginning, capturing the attention immediately — a perfect introduction to a newbie like myself. Everything about this song is on point, the choreography is sharp, the music snaps and the group both sounds and looks amazing.

I’m a fairly lyrically driven listener, which is a continuous ride as a non-native speaker to be honest, and so it’s an automatic response to turn on the closed captions when they’re available. One thing that I found very interesting about this particular song is that while the pre-chorus is led by lines such as “put on perfume only for you” and put on makeup only for you,” it’s the confidence in both the visuals of the music video and other lines such as “I’m feeling good today” and “I like this feeling” that push it past just a pay-attention-to-me-I-like-you type of song into more of an I’m-feeling-myself-you’d-be-lucky-to-have-me female-empowerment one.

Also, crush me under your heels, ladies, those pantsuits are fire.

On a closed-caption note, it was really great to have the name of the member listed for their lines — an excellent way to get a grasp on who’s going to be your bias! (It’s Sorn. It’s totally Sorn.)

Life moves fast. K-pop moves faster. K-pop Katch-up is a weekly feature that offers a second chance on that one music video that got away!


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