Artists To Look Out For: CRAZYBOY

From choreographing dances for top performers such as American rapper Nelly, to being a rapper for one of the most well-known groups in Japan, Sandaime J Soul Brothers under the stage name ELLYCRAZYBOY is definitely a top-of-the-line and versatile entertainer.
Born in Japan as Elliot Rosada Koya, ELLY got his start as a dancer, performing on various TV stations until he was selected to become a part of Sandaime J Soul Brothers.
In 2015, ELLY began promoting using the name CRAZYBOY for his solo activities as a hip-hop artist. By 2017, he released his first EP titled “NEOTOKYO EP” and proceed to produce more mini-albums under the “NEOTOKYO” name.

CRAZYBOY released his first best album,”NEOTOKYO FOREVER,” in July 2018.  The album features songs from his “NEOTOKYO” series like “Loco” and “This is for MAMA.”

CRAZYBOY is a talented artists who continues to make his mark on the Japanese music industry.
Check out more from CRAZYBOY on his Official Website, Twitter and Instagram.

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