BananaLemon Returns With"LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME" MV

The confident women of BananaLemon are back with their second music video!

According to their YouTube description, “The story goes back and forth between dreams and reality, but their powerful characters turn reality into something glorious. Four girls whom dream to perform on a large stage some day. Nadia has a casual idea and plans a surprise show at her part-time job with her part-time job buddies Saarah, RINO and Mizuki. Right before their planned performance time at midnight, something happens and …”
Everything about this music video was fierce, entertaining and definitely showed the ladies at their best. The choreography is energetic and fun to watch! (For a full version of the choreography be sure to watch the dance practice here.) The visuals and story give readers an idea of what the nightlife in Japan is like with a dramatized twist.
You can find “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME” on Spotify and all other forms of streaming!

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