Hiroomi Tosaka Releases 'OUTRO 〜ÉCLIPSE DE LUNE〜' MV

Hiroomi Tosaka centers his latest music video, "OUTRO 〜ÉCLIPSE DE LUNE〜" around his fashion brand, Claire De Lune.

Japanese artist Hiroomi Tosaka released his music video for “OUTRO 〜ÉCLIPSE DE LUNE〜.” This song comes from his full-length album, “Full Moon.” It is a slow R&B track that is laid-back and perfect for winding down for the day (or night).

Hiroomi Tosaka brings a fashion- and art-centered music video, as it showcases him and models donning high-fashion streetwear. Throughout the video he and the models accompanying him are wearing a brand, Clair De Lune, which is Tosaka’s fashion line that he curated himself in accordance to his album, “Full Moon.” The brand showcased items such as jackets, athletic wear and accessories like sunglasses and hats.
The music video is rather simple. Everything is featured against a white backdrop and is more geared toward promoting the fashion pieces rather than the usual storyline-driven video.
You can check out the official Claire De Lune Instagram to see more of the fashion brand.

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