LEO 'Canvas' Album Review

LEO Canvas Debut Photo from Jellyfish Entertainment

Accompanying his music video for “Touch & Sketch,” LEO of VIXX released his first album “Canvas” on Apple Music. With seven songs, LEO has given us a taste at what his personal style as a musician is. Much like “Touch & Sketch,” the rest of the songs on the album all have a certain airy feel to them that’s very suiting to LEO.

Touch & Sketch

As the first song on the mini album, “Touch & Sketch” sets the perfect precedent of what to expect. Sexy, airy and mysterious. “Touch & Sketch” is the epitome of sexy and full of LEO’s luscious vocals.

Cover Girl

“Cover Girl” is still sexy and airy but has an added electronic beat in the backtrack. It starts off strong, with a dance-worthy beat, LEO’s powerfully soulful vocals trickling in. This song features rapper LE and her rap is quite long in this song. I’m not mad at it, and this song is honestly such a bop.

Free Tempo

Pre-released after “Dream,” “Free Tempo” is an R&B-style song. Personally, I think LEO’s voice suits the R&B genre quite well. His vocals are flawless and soft but also have a certain strength to them. In “Free Tempo,” it feels like LEO’s English has improved. The English pronunciation in this song is spot-on.

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Give Me Something

“Give Me Something” is another fast-paced song like “Cover Girl.” With this song, it seems that Ravi and Hongbin‘s voices are featured in this song along with LEO’s. It has not been officially confirmed, as far as I know. But I’m not complaining. It’s a beautiful combination. This is a song that will easily get stuck in your head, just from the first listen.

Nowadays/Lately I’m

Starting off with a light piano intro, “Nowadays” is a true lullaby. I could honestly fall asleep with this song and how beautiful LEO’s voice is in it. My favorite songs that LEO does are his ballads and lullabies, because his voice is so gentle and warm. In this song, it is around halfway through that we get more of a beat going. It’s still a slow song, the beat just adds more depth to the backtrack. This is my favorite song in the album next to “Touch & Sketch.”


This song has more of a beat, like “Cover Girl,” but not as intense. The backtrack never overpowers LEO’s vocals. It’s an interesting tune, and I’d love to listen to it while on a summer drive on a country road, or by the water. It’s just a very easy dance vibe with an air of mystery.


This is such a beautiful song, another ballad and a great way to end the album. “Dream” was released before the album. It starts out with a soft piano and LEO’s vocals like “Nowadays/Lately I’m,” and only later on does a beat arrive. This is one of those songs that will give the audience a sense of hope. The overall message of “Dream,” I think, is being free as you are. Wanting to let go of what is holding you back but only being able to dream of it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am a big fan of this debut. You can tell that LEO put his heart and soul into it. Each song flows well together, and he ended it on a beautiful note. His vocals are impeccable, as usual, and his individuality as an artist shows.
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