BerryGood Release Cute "Green Apple" MV

K-Pop Girl Group, BerryGood, has returned with "Green Apple."

On August 16, 2018, female idol group, BerryGood returned with a new music video titled “Green Apple” off their latest album, FREE TRAVEL. The ladies are back with a summer-fantasy inspired music video that is cute and charming.
BerryGood takes inspiration from Snow White, but puts their own spin on to the classic fairytale. Instead, throughout the music video they showcase their distaste for red apples much preferring green apples instead. The green apples represent a more bold and forward type of personality, as green apples tend to have a little more zing in their flavor. This is in opposition to the red apples, which may be representative of a more shy and sweet type of person. At one point in the music video, there is mention of how instead of having the prince to come save the day to kiss the girl awake, BerryGood instead emphasizes that they’ll make the first move and kiss the prince. These ladies are not the type of girls to sit back and wait for things to happen!
In regard to the summer theme, the BerryGood members are wearing cute beach attire and dancing in a tropical setting with palm trees and the ocean behind them. They are also seen having fun at the beach, enjoying the summer and carefree of any worries. “Green Apple” is a bright and upbeat song that will instantly put a smile on your face while watching the music video. Check out the music video down below and don’t forget to give their latest album, FREE TRAVEL, a listen as well!


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