K-pop Katch-up: Day6 — 'Shoot Me'

DAY6 have been low-key killing the game since their first single release in late 2015 — the ambitious “Every Day6” project of 2017 (two new songs each month for an entire year, if you weren’t aware), an official fan club announcement in South Korea, their first album release and a fan club recruitment in Japan, a five-stop Live & Meet in 2017 and a current world tour. And to back it all up, music that is consistently solid, catchy and emotional.

The music video for “Shoot Me” is simple yet effective. Leading in with a shot of a shattered bottle reversing into its original shape, we see the theme of the song written clearly: “vicious words hurt like a bullet.” It’s clear, both in the lyrics themselves and in the progression of scenes within the video, that this is a break-up song.

The lyrics are cinematically themed and the music video plays right into this. While everything seems okay at first, the tension is palpable in the lines of the actress’s body, the folded arms and her stoic stare. Her harsh words play out visually as she cocks her fingers like a gun and fires. I would like to note that both leads in this music video are excellent and work sublimely together, a nice feat for a video that’s only three minutes long and half of it taken up by shots of the band themselves.

DAY6 are the Kings of the Catchy Chorus, and “Shoot Me” is absolutely no exception. My favorite part, however, is the bridge of the song. Quieter, echo-laden vocals lead in with “I’m okay / if you wanna hurt me / go ahead and hurt me.” Then Wonpil comes in to obliterate the remainder of the bridge, wailing, “Each bullet getting lodged in my heart / it hurts really bad / it hurts so bad.” It’s a really great one-two punch.

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I’m not entirely sure if it was the director’s intent, but this particular portion of the music video is interesting to me as it shows the male character firing his own “bullets” indiscriminately … Kind of like one might do when emotionally devastated, taking out those around them without thought of how their reaction to pain hurts others. (Who knows, maybe I’m reading too much into it, but still. I think that’s a little cool.)

As to be expected, “Shoot Me” is another win in a long line of stellar music from DAY6. So if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the rest of their discography — you won’t be disappointed!

Life moves fast. K-pop moves faster. K-pop Katch-up is a weekly feature that offers a second chance on that one music video that got away!


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