pH-1 and PENOMECO Team Up For 'Cupid' MV

p-H1 has returned with the help of the versatile performer PENOMECO for the artistic music video “Cupid.” “Cupid” is the type of song that you can listen to when you’re trying to relax. Both p-H1 and PENOMECO use their singing and rapping abilities to create an easy to listen to track.

What’s interesting about this video is the art style used to describe cupid and love. When one thinks of love or the heart, the color red comes to mind, but the majority of the video is in blue with a touch of other colors. Red doesn’t become important until the end when cupid finally shoots his arrows.
pH-1 is definitely making a name for himself and continues to showcase his abilities as an artist!
Be on the look out for pH-1’s next music video “Groupie” from his maxi single “Loves!”

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