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It’s taken a long time for good things to come to NU’EST, a tide turning with member Minhyun’s placement into Produce 101’s construct, Wanna One, and the remaining four members’ formation of NU’EST W as they “Wait” for his return. They’ve had their first music show win, hit the top of the several Korean music charts and continued to put out solid tunes, such as this week’s K-pop Katch-up, “Dejavu.”

My first introduction to NU’EST was through their 2016 EP, “Canvas,” which was one of my favorite albums of the year. It held a different sound than what I was used to hearing from my regular K-pop base, and it was gorgeous. It seems that the group continues to do their own thing, as this release, “Dejavu,” also sounds outside of what’s currently popular right now in K-pop.

“Dejavu” is a low-key bop, a song made up of sweet vocals and finger snaps, led by a disco-esque bass beat that just makes you want to groove. It’s a song of longing, but instead of going for a standard ballad to tell this type of story, the group’s picked something more upbeat — a more intriguing sound, in my opinion. Each member’s voice blends seamlessly together, and JR’s understated rap style fits perfectly.

The music video is painted in pastels, soft pinks and purples, with each member both simultaneously waiting and searching for something. To me, it really ensconces these lyrics beautifully:

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In this place, where I’m walking through the memories
I’d rather be trapped here, dejavu
You can deceive me with the time
Just keep staying here, dejavu

All in all, another win for NU’EST W and one I hope catches other listener’s attention as well. This band consistently puts out quality music that’s just a little bit outside the norm, and I, for one, am incredibly excited about what the future holds when they’re once again fully whole.

Life moves fast. K-pop moves faster. K-pop Katch-up is a weekly feature that offers a second chance on that one music video that got away!

(YouTube, ColorCodedLyrics)

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