1theK Random Play: G.Urban — 'Fix You'

We’re sliding into this week’s 1theK Random Play with the mellow sounds of G.Urban’s “Fix You.” The duo’s latest release has garnered just over 60,000 views since its release on Aug. 30, 2018.

Who Are We Listening To:
G.Urban is an R&B duo made up of members Hong Hyeok-su and Ra Kyoung-won, both contenders in Korean music competitions “Voice Korea” and “Star Audition 3,” respectively. Together as G.Urban, the two are known for delivering sweet, soothing tunes, while also not being afraid to step outside their comfort zone and produce more classically styled R&B. They are currently under NEVERLAND Entertainment.

What’s A Hit:
It’s just pretty. Using simple yet warm vocals, “Fix You” expresses how it’s okay to let yourself cry when things don’t work out. They add just the right touch of an AM radio-style effect that is perfectly nuanced with where it occurs in the song. The music video itself also lends the perfect amount of melancholy as the lead goes through her day, finding people just like herself — ones that need to cry, just a little bit, to make everything okay. Again, the song is simple yet surprisingly wonderful.

What’s A Miss:
There’s very little miss on this particular song, in my opinion. If anything, it feels too short, which is interesting as the song runs just over three minutes and thirty seconds, a pretty standard song length. As always, if you’re not into slower indie-style music, this won’t be the song for you. If you like calm coffee-house style chill, though, it’s one to check out!

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1theK Random Play is a weekly feature for music videos posted to 1theK’s official YouTube channel. Chosen videos will have under 100,000 views and offer the opportunity for readers to be introduced to lesser-known Korean artists.

(YouTube, NEVERLAND Entertainment)

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