Artists To Look Out For: Tensai.

Check out this new  band Tensai.! The group initially started as session band known as Kumansan Dekigan before changing their name and releasing their first single, “Senpai No Kanojo,” on Aug. 3 2017.

The band initially consisted of the vocalist Cult, the guitarists, Naoya and Hanabi, and Rinoa, who was their bassist.
Earlier this year Rinoa left the group, leaving Tensai with three members until they found their new bassist, Menma, in May. On Aug. 20, the band announced their newest addition, a drummer by the name of Junia.
By August 30, they released their fourth single, “Persoknife,” which marked Junia’s first appearance in a Tensai. MV.

For more information on Tensai. be sure to check out their official website, Twitter, and YouTube.

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