Cube Entertainment Self Implodes

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Woo boy! This has been weighing heavy on my heart for months now. Ever since the news broke of Cube Entertainment’s Hyuna and E’dawn dating “scandal,” I’ve been worried. I know how this stuff goes. Fans become outraged about their feelings of two celebrities trying to have some normal piece of life by dating. Then the labels force an apology from or reflection period on the artists. It’s enough to make this older American K-pop fan want to walk away from the Hallyu life.
Recently, Cube Entertainment announced that due to “trust being broken,” Hyuna and E’Dawn’s contracts had been terminated. This after already canceling all activities of the dating label mates. Hyuna and E’Dawn, previously two of the three-member subunit group Triple H, found their activities abruptly halted while E’Dawn was completely removed from all of Pentagon’s promotion. Trust? Excuse me while I laugh hysterically. Where was the trust when the couple bravely confirmed their relationship? Companies are supposed to protect their artists and work with them to ensure the safety of their welfare. Not to mention strengthen the bond they have as artist and company. Hyuna has been with Cube for years, and some fans, like myself, believe that with the string of consistent hits she’s had, she’s carried the majority of the company. 

Backtracking Company

Hours after this asinine announcement, Cube Entertainment’s stocks took a big hit. Domestic and international fans alike went into a tizzy. Mostly international fans. Some reports indicate that South Korean fans may not be as upset. Regardless, international fans were not having ANY of Cube’s foolishness and took to social media sounding the alarm for fans to boycott Cube in support of Hyuna and E’Dawn. I’m down.

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For the first time in K-pop history (or at least since I’ve been a fan), international fans’ voices might have been heard. Most likely spurred by the sharp decline of their stock, Cube released a new statement saying that the decision to end the couple’s contract hadn’t actually been finalized yet and that upper management was still in talks about it. Are. You. Serious. Who do they think they are fooling?
If that was the case, then why come out with the first statement? In my opinion, Cube is backtracking. They didn’t anticipate the backlash they’re receiving and are now scrambling to do damage control. Even if the decision were reversed, the burning question would be if Hyuna and E’Dawn would even want to remain with Cube. Considering how they found out about this supposed split it’s a real possibility that they won’t. After all, Cube did say that the trust had been broken.

Not Their First Problem

Don’t think that this was an honest mistake by Cube. This isn’t the first time they have tarnished their own reputation in regards to artist management. In 2016, Highlight members (formerly known as Beast) elected not to renew their contracts with Cube and instead started their own agency. The group was legally forced to leave the band name and most of their original music behind after Cube won a legal battle for the rights. Hyuna’s group prior to her solo activities, 4Minute, was also troubled with rumors of problems with the company before announcing their disbandment in 2016.
Now that Hyuna and E’Dawn are on the chopping block, fans are concerned about the future of Pentagon, who just had a comeback. Instead of everyone discussing how great the new album is, Cube’s untimely announcement is diverting all attention to this situation. It’s not fair to Pentagon or to E’Dawn, who was instrumental in writing many of their songs.
I, for one, believe that this is the end of Cube Entertainment as we knew them. I just don’t see the company being able to bounce back into positive light after this. I do wonder if this will be a defining moment that changes how idols date going forward. If so, I hope it’s a positive change.
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  1. The decision is ridiculous, Hyuna is literally their money maker and the reason, in my opinion, they can even still be in business, the consecutive hits that she had, the albums she sold and everything is what makes cube what it is. I wish that Hyuna would take them to court for suddenly terminating her contract and causing all this unnecessary commotion, I don’t know how but I hope that there’s a way for both Hyuna and E’Dawn to drag them into court and fight for their rights cause what they did was unjust and uncalled for. As a company you are supposed to stick by your artists, defend them and even if the general public disagrees with the decision they made in terms of dating which is by the way nobody’s damn business then you should work with your artists to try and salvage the situation not make it even worse by straight up dropping them.

  2. Could not agree more. The sad thing is that I really love Pentagon. I am a hajima but I inteoduced them to my daughters. Now they are fans. How to keep supporting Pentagon but also stand by Hyuna and E’Dawn. I want to show Cube that I don’t like their policies by not buying their music but in the end I feel that Pentagon will be the ones to suffer.

    • I’m sure a lot of fans feel the same way you do. You want to support Hyuna and E’Dawn but you don’t want to buy Cube merchandise. I wish I could tell you the right answer to this. My thought is to continue to support them, as well as Pentagon (because really, they JUST had their comeback and are suffering from this for no reason) but will Hyuna & E’Dawn get paid from the continued support? Or are their assets frozen? There is still so much we don’t know and now, I haven’t heard any updates (though I get it’s just Tuesday). *sigh*

  3. I agree whole heartedly. The inability of kpop idols to date has been one of my biggest frustrations with the kpop world. I hope that the attention this incident is receiving will promote changes in the industry as a whole. Idols need to be allowed to have normal lives and to be able to experience dating and falling in love without fear of it ruining their career. Changes need to be made to protect the rights of kpop idols.

    • I hope so too. Unfortunately, I don’t see anything changing right away, if at all. The international fans are outraged by what’s been happening to Hyuna and E’Dawn, but what about the fans living in Korea? I think their opinions might hold more weight to these companies right now so if they are demanding for the contracts to end, then stuff like this might continue. It really sucks.

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