BIGFLO Releases 'Upside Down' MV

The boys of BIGFLO are back with a brand-new track titled “Upside Down”!

With K-Pop summer jams slowly winding down, BIGFLO has changed things up with a smooth yet catchy song. “Upside Down” is about a bad boy who falls head over heels in love with someone and is in denial. The video perfectly depicts the members’ inner turmoil as they fight among themselves.
While all the boys show their uniqueness in this video, Euijin‘s dance performance in the beginning and toward the end is what makes him stand out the most.
Euijin Euin
Speaking of dancing, the group brings out all the stops with their choreography this time around. Every step and body roll is filled with so much swagger that it melds very well with the track.
“Upside Down” is a nice change of pace from the island vibes we have been getting all summer long.
Be sure to listen to BIGFLO’s  latest mini album, “Emphas!ze,” for more from this talented group!

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