1theK Random Play: Nana Mellie — 'Falling'

This week’s 1theK Random Play entry appears to be a debut single for artist Nana Mellie. Released on September 2, “Falling” has garnered approximately 61,500 views in its two weeks on the channel.

Who Are We Listening To:
Unfortunately, I was not able to find much on this artist. Per the information available on 1theK, this song was released by NSCCOMPANY, which is licensed to LOEN Entertainment. It’s a single release and what looks to be the first one for Nana Mellie.

What’s A Hit:
While the song is good, it’s the music video that really stands out. It’s a creative feast, using silhouettes and layering techniques that provide a perfect backdrop for Nana Mellie’s sentiment-sweet song about falling in love. The song itself is very Ariana Grande-esque in tone and style and a solid debut, in my opinion.

What’s A Miss:
It feels right at home with current radio play here in the United States, so if pretty pop music isn’t your gig, you’re out of luck. Nana’s voice is pretty high-pitched, too, which might deter some listeners.

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