Namie Amuro Retires From Show Business

The queen of Japanese pop has officially retired from the music industry. After celebrating her 25th anniversary last year, Namie Amuro announced that she was stepping out of the spotlight after her final concert in 2018.
On September 15, the singer made her final stop in her hometown of Okinawa to perform for thousands. Singing a total of eight songs, Namie performed a thirty-minute set. The Okinawa native enlisted the help of acts she has collaborated with in the past. The lineup included that of Taiwanese singer Jolin TsaiDoubleKen Hirai and Tomohisa Yamashita. She ended her concert by thanking her fans for their support before leaving the stage for the last time.
Amuro left fans a farewell message in both Japanese and English on her Official Facebook, which is going to be shut down on September 30:

“To All My Dearest Fans,
Thank you so much for your enduring love and support.
I, Namie Amuro announce that today, September 16th, 2018
is the day I will be stepping down and officially retiring.
I made this announcement exactly one year ago
from today and wanted to let you know that since that
first declaration I have deeply treasured each and
every day up until this fateful moment. 
I know many of you have had mixed feelings concerning
my retirement.
Nevertheless, I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for
accepting this difficult decision I made and at the end of the
day wishing to send me off with a smile on my face.
Therefore, from the very bottom of my heart and with tears
in my eyes, I want to thank you again for standing by me,
supporting me, and loving me for 25 fruitful years!!!
During the past 25 years, if my music has touched your
heart and inspired you even just a tiny little bit, that alone
would make me so happy.
Thank you for 25 years of love and support. 
Namie Amuro”

Namie Amuro has been one of the leading ladies in Japanese music for 26 years. She has broken countless records, performed for millions and has inspired many to follow their dreams. Anime fans may have heard her songs in shows like “One Piece,” “Inuyasha” and more.
Legendary Korean singer BoA commented on the singer’s departure, stating Amuro was her idol and that she will continue to support Amuro as she lives a life outside of show business.

For many this is a bittersweet moment in music history, but let’s all support Namie on her future endevors!

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