#TBT: G.Soul — 'No Answer'

Do you ever get hit with a sudden wave of something sad? Just … you’re casually going about your day, doing your morning routine, feeding your cat, then suddenly you get punched in the chest with the realization: “Damn, I miss him.”
Well, that very feeling took hold of me this very morning. I’m minding my own business, scooping Le Petite Prince’s (what I call my cat when he’s acting like a diva) breakfast out of the can. Without any provocation whatsoever, I start to think, “I wonder how G.Soul‘s doing right now.” Those of you who follow the man’s career know he began serving his mandatory service back in December 2017. He’s more than halfway through his stint, so perhaps it’s the subconscious knowledge that he’ll be back soon that brings it on. Or maybe it’s a fleeting memory of his last release before he actually went in, the double single “I’ll Be There.” In particular the first song on the micro-EP, “No Answer.”

As I’m finishing up my morning to-do list, there’s a harsh, ugly throbbing pain in my heart. It’s more than just the fact that I’ll be nursing his music for the next several months until his return. There’s something distinctly sorrowful in these two tracks. The opening song, “No Answer,” is a practice in self-deprecation. He yearns to be the thing someone needs in their life but feels as if he falls short. The music’s sparse, a piano and simple drum track to cradle his emotions. Meanwhile, “I’ll Be There” is a blues-tinged piece of melancholy that suspends me in a pool of milky heartache.
Up until the moment he enlisted, G.Soul had been creating some of the most personal, most sublimely poignant music in his deceptively short career. This double single was nothing short of powerful, a snapshot of a man who continues to explore the frailties in his own psyche, the cracks in his heart. This is a work of art that didn’t get nearly as much respect as it deserved. So now I’m just painfully aware of his absence and the void left somewhere deep in me that misses the music he creates. Soon … soon.
Damn … I miss him.

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