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Last year at KCON in Los Angeles I met Mr. “Dates in LA” himself, Justin Park. During our interview, Park spoke warmly of his mentor and label CEO, Peter Hong, also known as Peter Rocks. So much so that I couldn’t contain my curiosity to get to know the guy who he thought so highly of.
I reached out to Rocks directly to talk to him about how he got started in music, the way he develops his artists and the future of 5A. The interesting thing about Peter Rocks is that he’s a tried-and-true veteran of the music industry. “Rocks” is such a fitting name for him because he has been carving his dreams out of stone since day one.

How It All Got Started

Day 1 started in 1998 when Rocks built a studio in his own home. He began paving the road to 5A as a DJ, playing the keyboard for various acts and composing songs for up-and-coming artists. He toured with Pigeon John and Far East Movement and has performed at Coachella and SXSW. In time Rocks was producing records domestically and working with international artists like Dok2, Kahi, Kim Hyun Joong among others. As he grew as a producer, Rocks learned that what makes or breaks a producer is if they can develop and mold an artist.

“You can get a record that charts on the Top 10, but that only lasts a few days because the lifespan of a record is so short”.

Peter Rocks on keyboards, 2004. photo credit: Peter Rocks

The Birth of 5A Label

Rocks has led an interesting life with stints in fashion and politics, but music has always been his main love. After working with other artists, he wanted to focus on creating and developing them under his own company. Rocks created 5A with the goal in mind to create something he saw was missing on the music scene.

“You can do so much work for other people but at this point, I wanted to develop a void I saw. I wanted to create a rhythm-based R&B singer with Western musicality”.

The stars aligned when Rocks met 5A Label Chief Engineer Edward Shin‘s cousin, Justin Park. He began molding Park and other artists while continuing to work domestically and internationally. Now he and his artists are jet-setting across the globe, writing music for K-pop companies and performing at sold-out concerts and conventions. The sky is the limit for them.

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What’s Next For 5A Label?

“I want to be global. I want to be LA, Seoul, Beijing”.

A major goal Rocks has for 5A is to expand more into the global market. In addition to that, he wants his artists to make it big. Rocks explains that some artists get famous in Asia and then bring their popularity back Stateside. He wants Justin Park to get famous here in America first because he feels that he’s got a great shot. Artist Demie is still in development, but has released a single and is working hard on her goals. The future is bright for her in China as well as the US.
With the forward advancement in Asian representation in media right now, it seems like the perfect time for 5A Label to shine and show the world how talented they are. Nothing will stop them from reaching their goals of being globally recognized.
There is so much more I learned about Rocks and his dedication to his label and his craft, but if I put it all into one article, people would be reading for the next few days. You’ll just have to make sure you follow us for future collaborations.
As we were ending our conversation, I asked Rocks to tell me what he would be doing if he wasn’t in music. His response? “I can’t think of anything. That’s how I know I’m in this for life.” If only we could all be so confident in our life choices.
Thanks so much to Peter Rocks for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak with me. Be sure to support 5A Label and their artists by following them on their social media.
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Demie: YouTube | Instagram

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