BIYA Makes Her Official Debut With 'Seattle' feat. G2

BIYA has made her long-awaited debut on August 29 with her single “Seattle.”

“Seattle” is a nice change of pace from the  bass drops and island vibes K-pop fans have been receiving as of late. BIYA’s vocals are smooth and perfect for an easy-to-listen-to track such as this. The transition to G2‘s rapping is pretty fluid too. There can be times where when adding rappers to a track the song ends up not flowing as well, but BIYA and G2 definitely made it work.
The music video shows the beauty of Seattle as BIYA explores the “Emerald City.” If there was ever a video that could convince you to visit the city, this just might be it!
While BIYA might not be new to the music world — with her involvement in the industry going on almost ten years — she is an artist we hope to watch flourish as she leaves her mark on the Korean music scene.

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