BLANC7 Unleashes the 'Drama' in Latest MV

BLANC7 is back with new single, "Drama"

Idol boy group BLANC7 of Jackpot Entertainment has treated fans to a new music video titled “Drama.” This song comes off their latest single, “Take Off,” which was released on Sept. 3, 2018.

The music video is rather simple as it showcases the seven-member boy group dancing throughout a few different sets. One of the most eye-catching backdrops is the skyline of Seoul as they dance on top of the roof of another building. While the song is dramatic in terms of the vocals and rap, the music video does not have much of a story, as we only get a glimpse of a members’ love interest and only a couple of scenes with her at the beginning. Despite the lack of actual plot, however, fans have the treat of seeing their favorite member on screen more often as well as the precise and sharp choreography to the song.
“Drama” is a pop-ballad with slight electro/EDM influence sprinkled throughout the music video. It’s a catchy song that will definitely pull at your heartstrings, and the boys’ honey-like vocals will sweep you up.

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