Nintendo Reveals 'Luigi's Mansion 3'

Fans of one of history’s most renowned second leads can rejoice. On Sept. 13, 2018, Nintendo announced plans for a third installment of the popular Luigi’s Mansion series. Tentatively titled simply “Luigi’s Mansion 3,” the small teaser that accompanied the announcement shows the hapless young brother of Nintendo’s lead protagonist, Mario, yet again thrust into a creepy mansion fighting off trickster spirits, ghost pets and the very house of tricks and treats itself.

While there isn’t much in the way of description for the title, the art direction and controls look promising. According to Polygon, this will be the first time the franchise has hit actual consoles since the first installment on GameCube back in 2001. Yep. It’s taken nearly 20 years for Luigi’s high-strung heroics to make it back to the proverbial big screen. One can only imagine what’s in store for the mustachioed accidental hero, but whatever it is, fans are sure to be in for quite the ride.
“Luigi’s Mansion 3” has a vague release date of sometime in 2019. Who else is looking forward the shrieks and scares that’s spawned a couple CreepyPastas?
(YouTube, Polygon.)

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