X21 Releases 'Destiny' MV

J-Pop Girl Group, X21, is bright and happy with "Destiny" in new music video

On Sept. 1, 2018 Japanese pop girl group, X21, released their music video for “Destiny.”

This music video features the twelve-member girl group donning pretty, light blue-white outfits as they dance across the screen. Viewers and fans of the girl group are treated to each member getting their time to shine on camera. Each focuses on their own head shot, often holding or wearing cute props. For those who are new to the girl group and curious to know more, this is a great addition to the music video as you get to know who each member is. The cuteness factor of this girl group is on full blast. Watching these girls’ energy and bright smiles will also put a smile on your face.
“Destiny” is a hyper-pop song that is a staple sound in J-Pop that feels like it came right out of an anime opening song. It is also the type of song that will put a spring in your step or put you in a good mood while listening to it. Having a bad day? Listen to X21’s cheerful vocals in “Destiny” to lift you up!

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