Holland Scammed By a US Company?

Seems that all is not well in Neverland. On Sept. 23, at 1:48 PM EST. Holland tweeted out to fans shocking allegations that the US company Cube Media had conned him out of what he was initially owed for his appearance at their upcoming event Hallyu Con*, which was to take place in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The singer explained in further detail in a series of tweets, urging fans to take caution if they had spent any money on the event, adding on the the hashtag #HelpHolland to rally his fans to both get Cube Media’s attention and to bring public awareness to the situation. He thanked fans for their support and said that he would keep them updated when more information became available to him.

What do you think of the situation? Is Holland overreacting and should give the company a chance to fix their mistake, or does he have a valid reason to be concerned?
*As of November 14, 2018, the website associated with Cube Media and this event have been removed from the internet.
(Cube Media, Twitter.)

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