K-pop Katch-up: Suzy — 'Holiday'

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Bae Su-ji, or as we more commonly know her, Suzy, dropped a solo seven-track extended play late January of this year. It’s the lead single, “Holiday,” which features DPR Live, that is the subject of this week’s K-pop Katch-up.

My introduction to K-pop came just about the time that Miss A became indefinitely inactive. Sadly, as I was in the throes of my first fall (BIGBANG, Teen Top), the group passed by my interest like a ship in the night, quiet and unseen. Fast forward a year or two and my horizons have expanded somewhat, along with my K-pop-oriented circle of friends. Which, in my opinion, is very good as I tend to gravitate toward boy groups and now having a number of girl group aficionados within my circle has broadened my music palette.

When listening to a new (to me) K-pop song, I like to just watch the music video or listen to the song without subtitles because while lyrics are extremely important to my enjoyment, it’s always nice to just get a FEEL for the song. My first thoughts as I was listening through is that Suzy’s voice is gauzy but has substance. It’s a pure and sweet tone but without being overbearing. It lilts perfectly throughout the song, bobbing and washing over the listener, fitting perfectly with the open and light visuals that make up the majority of the music video itself.

A song never really actually needs a music video, but as humans, we do love to have a visual to go along with it. Sometimes it works, creating an even greater experience for the listener. Other times it doesn’t work so well, more a detraction than anything else. Thankfully, the music video for “Holiday” is of the former — the two go together quite sublimely.

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In fact, one of my favorite things is how both the song and the accompanying video evoke this very 1940s/1950s classic feel, as if at any moment, a Humphrey Bogart-esque character might appear as Suzy’s scarf whips in the wind, a skyline of the ocean as her background. It was just, for lack of a better word, neat to be transported back to that time when I was really young, with my dad and I watching Turner Classic Movies together.

In fact, even more surprising to me was how well DPR Live’s solo fit into this schema as well. His mellow voice, with the slightest bit of gravelly undertone, just slides into the middle of the song with ease. There’s a little bit of swagger, just enough to make it easy to believe he’d sweep you off your feet when he walked in the room.

So while the song itself may not go in regular rotation for me, I can very much appreciate its aesthetic, as well as Suzy’s talent, and can definitely recommend you give it a listen or two.

Life moves fast. K-pop moves faster. K-pop Katch-up is a weekly feature that offers a second chance on that one music video that got away!


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