BOY STORY – Enough Debut MV Review

As of September 20, JYP’s new Chinese boy group BOY STORY officially debuted. BOY STORY is a six-member group, the youngest being born in 2007, the oldest in 2004. The average age of these boys is roughly 12. This is a first for JYP Entertainment, having a group that is all Chinese, and all of them very young.

This song is all about the culture of hip-hop, and how it has grown to be about expensive cars, fancy clothes, material things. But these small Chinese boys are telling us that none of that is necessary. The only thing that is necessary for hip hop is the music and the beat. Throughout their career, they plan on telling us their real story.
Even though all of the boys are so young, their talent is undeniable. I genuinely look forward to seeing how these boys grow and improve their talents. The harmonies are great, and even the beat goes down. The music is a contrast to how cute they all are, and there’s even a message behind the lyrics. There really doesn’t have to be all these expensive cars and fancy clothes for a hip hop music video. It should honestly just be about the music and lyrics.
I think with the introduction of Boy Story, it will pave the way for more incredible Mando-pop groups within Korean entertainment companies. I see a lot of good things coming for Boy Story too, specifically because they are under JYP. With Jackson and Mark as a couple of mentors for their career, you know they’ll go far.
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